[Insight-developers] JPEG2000ImageIO - Testing Data - MIDAS

Luis Ibanez luis.ibanez at kitware.com
Sun Aug 22 22:26:27 EDT 2010

We seem to have found a solution for dealing with
the large images that are required for testing the
new JPEG2000 classes.

An implementation of such solution is available at


As described in

The process involves:

1) Storing ITK Test Data in MIDAS
    (already done) at:


2)  Maintainers of Dashboard machines
     building locally the MIDASapp client
     command line application:


     Whose source code can be downloaded with

     svn co https://www.kitware.com/svn/KWPublic/trunk/MIDAS/MIDAScpp

     (Please build it with just the default CMake settings...)

3)  When configuring ITK, set the CMake variable


      to the full path of the "MIDAScli" executable file,
      built in (2).

Once this is done,

at the moment of running the testing, CTest will
call MIDAScli to connect to the MIDAS server
and download the full Test data collection into
the binary directory of your build, under:


This seems to be a convenient solution for dealing
with a large number of images, some of them
stored in large files, without the difficulties of
loading a source control system with the burden
of data management.

This has been added as a discussion topic for
Tuesday's tcon:


It will be great is you have a chance
to give it a try by then.



On Sat, Aug 21, 2010 at 8:48 PM, Luis Ibanez <luis.ibanez at kitware.com>wrote:

> Hi Kishore,
> Now that we have updated openjpeg  to Monday's
> version of openjpeg-v2, we were also able to move
> the JPEG2000ImageIO classes from the
> Insight Journal paper:
> http://www.insight-journal.org/browse/publication/741
> http://hdl.handle.net/10380/3187
> BTW: Thanks for submitting the paper     :-)
> We are however, struggling with the input images,
> since they are rather large.
> So far we have committed only the images
>    - Bretagne1.j2k ---- 90Kb
>    - Cevennes2.jp2 ---- 18Kb
> The others are larger than 100Kb....
> The conundrum is that, we actually should test
> with very large images, given that this is one
> of the purposes of introducing JPEG2000.
> Any ideas are welcome....
> In the meantime, if you have a chance, please
> give it a try at the new code in ITK/Code/Review.
>    Thanks
>         Luis
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