[Insight-users] Curves3DExtractor

Hugo Gratama van Andel h.a.gratamavanandel at amc.uva.nl
Tue Jan 3 09:46:25 EST 2006

Dear ITK users,
I was interested in the Curves3DExtractor example in the Insight 
Applications (from CVS), but I can not get it to work properly. Though I 
got the Curves2DExtractor and the DuctExtractor example to work, the 
compiled version of the 3D program will not be able to load an image 
File. Clicking on the 'Load' button will not produce the necessary 
'pop-up' to select a file. The involved code in the 2D and 3D example is 
the same, although the 2D example makes more use of pointers.
I am not an expert in the use of FLTK, but from the 2D example I learn that:

ceExtractorConsole::Load( void ){
   const char * filename = fl_file_chooser("Image 
   if( !filename )
   this->Load( filename );

should produce the pop-up. Hardcoding a filename does not solve the 
problem, so I am a bit stuck.

I noticed that in the CMakeList.txt of the 3D example a variable is used 
that is (wrongly) called:  ${Curves2DExtractor_FLTK_UI_SRCS} in stead of 
  ${Curves3DExtractor_FLTK_UI_SRCS}. Unfortunately this does not solve 
the  problem.

Can someone please reproduce my problem with the Curves3DExtractor 
program or give a hint where there could be a problem in the code?

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