[Insight-users] About using information from the mailing list for the ITK Wiki

Lino Ramirez ramirez at ece.ualberta.ca
Fri Jan 6 15:22:20 EST 2006

Hi Luis,

I have been adding some information to the Wiki Page
(http://www.itk.org/Wiki/ITK_Image_Registration). So far, I have added
some structure and have filled it out mainly with some information from
the mailing list. Once I get enough information, I might start moving some
information to new WebPages.

Now, about using the information from the mailing list:
Can I just use it (including the link to the original posting, of course)?
Or do I have to contact the person who made the posting asking for
permission? Moreover, if I summarize the posting and combine them with my
own opinion do I have to ask for permission?

In other words, I do not know who owns the copyright of the posting to the
mailing list and I do not know what I am entitled to do with the
information in the postings.



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