[Insight-users] Update the membershipfunction in the MRFImageFilter

Nicolas Forster nicolas.forster at epfl.ch
Thu Jan 12 07:19:58 EST 2006


I have a problem with the MRFImageFilter. I use the 
DistanceToCentroidMembershipFunction() and I want to update the clusters 
at each iteration.

My problem is the following: I cannot creat a m_MembershipFunctionPtr. 
Clearly I want to do

typedef itk::Statistics::DistanceToCentroidMembershipFunction< arrrray > 
typename MembershipFunctionType::Pointer m_MembershipFunctionPtr;

m_MembershipFunctionPtr->SetCentroid( newCentroid ); (*)
m_ClassifierPtr->AddMembershipFunction( m_MembershipFunctionPtr );*/

in the .txx file (in the ApplyICMLabeller() just before labelledImage = 
m_ClassifierPtr->GetClassifiedImage(); ). The compiler compile but when 
I run the program it stop at the (*). It seems that 
m_MembershipFunctionPtr does not exist.

Thanks for your help


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