[Insight-users] Visualization of Deformable Deformation Fields

Kevin Ming ming.kevin at gmail.com
Sun Jan 15 16:25:37 EST 2006


First off, I have a general question about the deformation field generated
from a deformable registration process in ITK:   What is contained in the
output file, and how does a software like ParaView use that file to produce
a vector-based image using the equation:

iHat*ImageFile_0 + jHat*ImageFile_1 + kHat*ImageFile_2

So I guess, to put it in different words, what do the different components
of the above equation mean?

In terms of the specific question I have regarding visualization of
deformation fields in ParaView:

1)  How come the deformation field output produced from ITK's deformable
registration algorithms came out upside-down for me when viewed using
ParaView?  That is, the image is flipped vertically/mirrored along the

2)  How come the deformation field resulting from, say, the Demons 1
registration algorithm came out so scattered and non-uniform for me, unlike
the deformation field produced by the FEM-based algorithm?

Please note that I've made no modifications to any of the ITK algorithms
described above.

Thank you very much,
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