[Insight-users] ITK and VTK distributed image processing

Matteo Campana campanam at libero.it
Tue Jan 17 15:40:11 EST 2006

Hi all

I developed an application for visualization and image processing using both ITK and VTK.
Now I'd like to change it and run it on a cluster so that it will be possible realize a parallel/distributed image processing.

I'm going to use MPI as a support for message passing....and....i also look at the VTK/Parallel and VTK/Example/ParallelProcessing code.

So...my question is:
Even if ITK is not designed for being used in Clusters and does not yet support MPI, could i take advantage from VTK MPIsupport simply using itkImageToVTKImageFilter and itkVTKImageToImageFilter.

I mean.....suppose i have this itk pipeline


and i want to realize it on two different node using vtkInputPort and vtkOutputPort classes....

So...could this pipeline works:


I know it is not an elegant solution...but if it works i could take advantage of all classes present in VTK/Parallel...is this right?!

Thank u so much!!!
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