IGSTK and FLTK (was Re: [Insight-users] Building error for Insightapplication 2.4.0.releated to FLTK 1.1.6?)

Arash Jahangir arash at vije.ca
Fri Jan 20 11:35:05 EST 2006

Luis Ibanez wrote:

> FLTK 1.1.6 is now distributed with a CMakeLists.txt file.
> You can use CMake in order to configure FLTK just as you
> do with ITK and VTK.
> For a recent version that we have tested for the IGSTK
> project, you may want to take the FLTK zip file from:

Does this suggest that IGSTK is now dependent on FLTK or that at least 
development is easier with FLTK than wxWidgets?

On a somewhat related note, what is your opinion (and the thread's opinion) 
about wxWidgets vs. FLTK?  I'd like to know about the thread's experiences 
with merits of tools, community support, etc available for developing in 
each case as well as the stability of ease of usage of each library.


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