[Insight-users] Allocation problem

THOMAS Diego thomas.diego at ifp.fr
Fri Aug 31 11:59:50 EDT 2007


I would like to create a (1551*1551*601) 3D image of unsigned short,
but i have run time error during the execution when i try to allocate memory.
It worked with smaller images, so is it possible to create such an image with itk?

thanks in advance,


here is my code :

	Image3D::Pointer data = Image3D::New();
	Image3D::RegionType Region;
	Image3D::SizeType size;
	size[0] = 1551;
	size[1] = 1551;
	size[2] = 601;
	Image3D::IndexType start;
	start[0] = 0;
	start[1] = 0;
	start[2] = 0;
      std::cout << "allocation" << endl;	//message displayed
	std::cout << "allocate" << endl; 	//message not displayed

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