[Insight-users] Re : which version of FLTK must be uesd with Itk ?

Martine Lefevre martine_lef at yahoo.fr
Fri Aug 29 06:11:54 EDT 2008

Hi Xavi, 
Thank you for your message. Actually I manage to install FLTk version 1.3.x-r6176, also I have built succeffully InsightApplications-3.8.0
and run some demo which use FLTK. So version 1.3.x-r6176 works fine with itk.
However I'm now facing  another problem and it makes me crazy.I have done all this at home I mean in my laptop which uses Visual Studio .Net 2003. Now I'm trying to do the same thing in my PC at the university in which I use Visual Studiot 2005, I get a fatal error when I build the FLTK solution which is configurated with Cmake.  LINK: fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file '..\bin\Debug\fltk.lib'...I don't know how to resolve this problem especialy I have done the same thing in my laptop and evry thing was oaky. is it a problem of a compiler ? how Can I resolve it ?
Please could you exaplin me what's the problem ?
any help is highly appreciated.
Thank you  
I have now another problem because done this in home. but 

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    Dear Martine,

    I compiled FLTK for ITKSNAP, long time ago. If I remember well, I  
was having problems configuring and compiling this library with CMake.  
So, I compiled it with the project file for .NET that comes in the  
package, and then I included the libraries and header files with CMake  
when building the ITK applications. I do not remember exactly the  
version, but it was a 1.1.*. I do not think that the problem comes  
from the FLTK version but it comes from using CMake to build FLTK. Try  
this, or wait for the answer of somebody with more experience :)


Martine Lefevre <martine_lef at yahoo.fr> ha escrito:

> Hi
> I try to build InsightApplications-3.8.0 and as I have read there is  
>  some application which need FLTK.
> For this reason I have downloded FLTK version 1.1.6 since based on  
> the mailing list its the best to use with itk. I configure it using  
> Cmake and when I try to build it using VC Net, I get a lot of errors  
>  and one fatal error related to some library.
> So my questions are:
> Is it relay the version to be used with itk ? if yes, am I wrong to  
> configure it using Cmake ?
> What's the way to configure and built such package? I have read  
> in readme file of this package that we need just  to open the  
> solution FLTK (in the visualc folder) and built it using the  
> compiler ....please could you give me more suggestions on how to  
> built and integrate FLTK especialy wich version should be used with  
> itk ?
> Waiting for your reply !
> Many thanks
> Martine
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