[Insight-users] nrrdKindVector <-> nrrdKindList in NrrdImageIO

Fritzsche Klaus k.fritzsche at dkfz-heidelberg.de
Tue Sep 9 09:35:41 EDT 2008



I am writing my diffusion weighted images to a NRRD-file, using the
itk::ImageFileWriter and itk::NrrdImageIO. 


Instead of the following line 


kinds: vector domain domain domain


in the header I would like to see


kinds: list domain domain domain


This modification is important for the teem-library to recognize the
correct dimension for the vector entries.


In the WIKI I found the following two lines of code:


// This statement is to be added to the ITK CVS Release

io->SetNrrdVectorType( nrrdKindList );


This is probably exactly what I need. When will it be available in ITK?


Best Regards,

Klaus Fritzsche

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