[Insight-users] Basic Read/Write of DICOM Image - Wrong Metadata

M. Wirtzfeld wirtzfeld at rogers.com
Tue Sep 9 17:24:35 EDT 2008

Hi Mathieu,

I am not sure how to reply to your response?

Voxel-size is an attribute of the DICOM image that I view using  
MicroView or MIPAV.  The DICOM image itself is created by the  
application that results from compilation and execution of the source- 
code I originally included.

As for the "Secondary Capture Image Storage" object you refer to, I  
am a relatively new to ITK and I have only a basic understanding of  
its respective classes (http://www.itk.org/Doxygen/html/ 
classes.html).  With this in mind I think we are talking at two  
different levels of understanding.



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