[Insight-users] Converting one 3D+t image into many 2D+t images

Iván Macía imacia at vicomtech.org
Wed Sep 10 03:40:04 EDT 2008

Hi Daniel,


Probably you can read the series as a 4D ( = 3D+t) image and then use
itk::ExtractImageFilter to extract single 2D+t images. I have done something
similar with multi-frame DICOM images in order to display single frames.


Hope that helps





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I was wondering if there is a possibilty to create many 2D+t images out of
one 3D+t image with ITK?


My input data is a 3D+t image and the output has be coronary 2D+t images for
every coronary slice within the 3D+t image.

Does anybody knows a filter (or perhaps a filter combination) that is
capable of this kind of problem?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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