[Insight-users] beginner's question

Luis Ibanez luis.ibanez at kitware.com
Sun Sep 14 10:55:42 EDT 2008

Hi Newton,

Almost all of the examples in the directory


are intended to be run from the command line.

If you are in Windows,
you should do the following:

1) open a cmd.exe window
    you can do this by going to the "Start" button,
    selecting "Run..." and typing "cmd" followed by
    the enter key.

2) Once you have the DOS command interpreter,
    CD to the directory were you have your data

3) Type the path up to your ImageRegistration1.exe file
    in a command line like:

    ImageRegistration1.exe fixed.png moving.png result.png

One way of making things easier to manage from the command
line is to copy the executable and the image data in the
same directory. In that way you don't have to type long



Insight Newton wrote:
> This may be very simple but it is a beginner's question....
> How do I get the examples e.g. ImageRegistration1.cxx to work with the 
> example data provided? I have used Cmake successfuly in the 
> configuration process...please someone guide me in the next sequence of 
> steps. (This is on windows)
> Thanks,
> Newton
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