[Insight-users] Exporting Segmentation Results to RTSTRUCT using ITK

Subrahmanyam Gorthi subrahmanyam.gorthi at gmail.com
Mon Sep 15 11:41:38 EDT 2008

Dear Mathieu,

I am very happy to inform that I am now able to export the segmentation
results to RTSTRUCT using ITK.
Thanks a lot for your valuable guidance on the pipeline, handling DICOM
sequences and converting 3-D mask to contour.

*The inputs to the current Exporter are:*
  1. A DICOM slice of the CT image:*
      For extracting patient related and other common information.

*  2. 3-D Masks of the segmentation regions: *
     These are converted to contours using the
itkContourExtractor2DImageFilter & itkExtractImageFilter and is given as
input input to the RTSTRUCT writer.

  *3. Few other parameters:
     *Parameters like names to be assigned to the ROIs, Number of ROIs to be
exported, type of contours etc...
The output of the Exporter:*   RTSTRUCT DICOM file.

I verified the results by viewing the output file in a DICOM dumper, and
also by superposing the RTSTRUCT contours over the DICOM CT image, using
some third party tools. The code seems to work fine :-)

Now RTSTRUCT Writer part is done. but RTSTRUCT Reader is yet to be written
Since the above application does not need RTSTRUCT Reader, I first started
with the RTSTRUCT Writer.
Still many modifications and cleanup are to be done for RTSTRUCT writer
itself for using it for other general applications.

My doubt is: for contributing this part to ITK (Insight Journal?), how
should I manage the modified/added files?

In my code, I *added *the following files to the *ITK\Code\IO direcory*:
2. itkRTSTRUCTIO.cxx
3. itkRTSTRUCTIOFactory.h
4. itkRTSTRUCTIOFactory.cxx

I *modified* the following files in *ITK\Utilities\gdcm\src directory* by
adding few additional functions:
1. gdcmFile.cxx
2. gdcmFileHelper.h
3. gdcmFileHelper.cxx

There are two other files: mask2contour.cxx & Export2RTSTRUCT.cxx.

Can I simply put all the above files in a single folder and submit to the
Insight journal along with the paper?
(I still need to do significant cleanup and write the IJ-Paper :D)

The DICOM files that I am using for testing are bit large (around 60 MB).
Is there any size limit for IJ submission?

Once again many thanks for your help.

Warm Regards,
Subrahmanyam Gorthi.
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