[Insight-users] Exporting Segmentation Results to RTSTRUCT using ITK

Luis Ibanez luis.ibanez at kitware.com
Tue Sep 16 17:07:59 EDT 2008

Hi Subrahmanyam,

It will be great to have your contribution
submitted to the Insight Journal.

About your question regarding upload limits:

    The IJ currently supports upload up to 500MB,
    this limit is flexible and can be increased
    easily if necessary (up to 2GB).

Therefore the 60Mb of your dataset should pass fine.



Subrahmanyam Gorthi wrote:
> Dear Mathieu,
> I am very happy to inform that I am now able to export the segmentation 
> results to RTSTRUCT using ITK.
> Thanks a lot for your valuable guidance on the pipeline, handling DICOM 
> sequences and converting 3-D mask to contour.
> *The inputs to the current Exporter are:*
> *
>   1. A DICOM slice of the CT image:*
>       For extracting patient related and other common information.
> *  2. 3-D Masks of the segmentation regions: *
>      These are converted to contours using the 
> itkContourExtractor2DImageFilter & itkExtractImageFilter and is given as 
> input input to the RTSTRUCT writer.
>   *3. Few other parameters:
>      *Parameters like names to be assigned to the ROIs, Number of ROIs 
> to be exported, type of contours etc...
> *
> The output of the Exporter:*   RTSTRUCT DICOM file.
> I verified the results by viewing the output file in a DICOM dumper, and 
> also by superposing the RTSTRUCT contours over the DICOM CT image, using 
> some third party tools. The code seems to work fine :-)
> Now RTSTRUCT Writer part is done. but RTSTRUCT Reader is yet to be 
> written :-(
> Since the above application does not need RTSTRUCT Reader, I first 
> started with the RTSTRUCT Writer.
> Still many modifications and cleanup are to be done for RTSTRUCT writer 
> itself for using it for other general applications.
> My doubt is: for contributing this part to ITK (Insight Journal?), how 
> should I manage the modified/added files?
> In my code, I *added *the following files to the *ITK\Code\IO direcory*:
> 1. itkRTSTRUCTIO.h
> 2. itkRTSTRUCTIO.cxx
> 3. itkRTSTRUCTIOFactory.h
> 4. itkRTSTRUCTIOFactory.cxx
> I *modified* the following files in *ITK\Utilities\gdcm\src directory* 
> by adding few additional functions:
> 1. gdcmFile.cxx
> 2. gdcmFileHelper.h
> 3. gdcmFileHelper.cxx
> There are two other files: mask2contour.cxx & Export2RTSTRUCT.cxx.
> Can I simply put all the above files in a single folder and submit to 
> the Insight journal along with the paper?
> (I still need to do significant cleanup and write the IJ-Paper :D)
> The DICOM files that I am using for testing are bit large (around 60 MB).
> Is there any size limit for IJ submission?
> Once again many thanks for your help.
> Warm Regards,
> Subrahmanyam Gorthi.
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