[Insight-users] Insight-users Digest, Vol 53, Issue 32

Xabier Artaechevarria Artieda xabiarta at unav.es
Wed Sep 17 03:27:29 EDT 2008

Dear Ismail,

The image writer will write a dicom image if you give a filename with  
extension .dcm, or analyze format if you write .hdr.

I do not know the details of your filter, but you will need to write  
something like this on your commandline once you have compiled your  

executableName inputFileName outputFileName.dcm

Of course, the order of input/output depends on what you have written  
in your program. I will suggest reading the ITK Software Guide  
Reading/Writing Images chapter first, anyway.


saheb ismail <ismail701 at gmail.com> ha escrito:

> Dear all,
>         I had modified my itk filter as i like, but i want to see the filter
> effect on dicom or .img image, i can't do this it is not coming,
> after modifying the filter code what to do, i have to build directly or i
> have to give the dicom image path, if so how to give that path please help
> me.
> step by step explain as i am new to it.
>   Warm Regards,
> S. Ismail Saheb

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