[Insight-users] bug caught in BinaryMedianImageFilter example

Eliana Vasquez Osorio e.vasquezosorio at erasmusmc.nl
Mon Sep 22 11:59:47 EDT 2008

Hello itk-users,

Just a little bug on the BinaryMedianImageFilter example  

It does not work unless you include ...

*  filter->SetBackgroundValue( bgValue );  // in my case bgValue = 0;
  filter->SetForegroundValue( fgValue );  // in my case fgValue = 1;

*... before updating the filter (or the pipeline).

It took me some time to find out that the error was in the code and not 
in my data. :-)  I hope someone else can benefit from this.


Eliana M. Vásquez Osorio
PhD Student (OIO)
Erasmus Medical Center - Daniel den Hoed Cancer Center
Department of Radiation Oncology
Groene Hilledijk 301 
3075 EA Rotterdam
The Netherlands

T: +31 10 70 41 491
F: +31 10 70 41 012
E-mail: e.vasquezosorio at erasmusmc.nl

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