[Insight-users] RE : Non rigid grid reformation and dose remaping

Benhacene Boudan Mustafa m.benhacene.boudan at umontreal.ca
Mon Sep 29 09:50:19 EDT 2008

Hi  luis, thank you for the answer.

My problem is in the dose calculation inside the deformed voxels. 
The only solution that i see is checking for each voxel of the rectangular grid if the center of mass is inside the index of the deformed grid voxel and if yes incrementing the dose. But it will be highly inefficient. 

any idea?

thank you

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Hi Karim,

You could do upsampling by using the WarpImageFilter and
setting the spacing of the output image as a fraction
of the input image spacing.



Benhacene Boudan Mustafa wrote:
> Hi, i am working on the warping of a dose from one respiration phase to another. To force the one to one correspondence between voxels i used the deformation field from one phase to another and transformed the rectangular grid of the original image. 
> I would like to calculate the dose in each of the deformed voxel of my image by upsampling a rectangular dose grid (of the target image) and then checking for each deformed voxel how many rectangular voxels are comprised inside that elementary volume. 
> I was thinking about using a "IsInside() the deformed voxel" method for each center of mass of the rectangular voxels. Is there any easy way to do that?
> Thank you very much.
> karim   
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