[Insight-users] 2D picture (coronal or sagittal view) from 55 2D picture (axial view)

Stéphane CALANDE scalande at gmail.com
Tue Sep 30 05:56:45 EDT 2008


I've a problem and I'd like to know if ITK can help me to resolve this

I possess 55 human body pictures from an axial view (

In fact, these 55 pictures are the decomposition of a human being volume.

I'd like to select and get back a part of the pixels of each (55) picture to
generate an new picture of the human volume, BUT from a different view
(coronal or sagittal)
Do you see what I mean ?

I'd like to know if ITK (or VTK?) can help me to realize this ?

Thank you very much!
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