[Insight-users] Verdict on Reading 3D+time DICOM Series?

Constantine Zakkaroff mnkz at leeds.ac.uk
Wed Jun 3 14:42:18 EDT 2009

PS. I suppose I should say that the output image comes out as 
256x256x240x1 when it should be 256x256x12x20...

Constantine Zakkaroff wrote:
> Hello ALL.
> I realise there's been a number of posts and discussions on reading 4D 
> DICOM series (3D+time)...
> Tiling 3D volumes into a 4D as mentioned in
> <http://www.itk.org/pipermail/insight-users/2007-February/020937.html> 
> seems like an option, but is there an easier way?
> What Luis suggested in 
> <http://public.kitware.com/pipermail/insight-users/2004-May/008568.html> 
> does not seem to work in my case.
> I even changed the header information to have the "Temporal Position 
> Identifier" and "Number of Temporal Positions" and "Image Number" set 
> correctly to group the images into 3D volumes ordered by time.
> Is there something I'm overlooking?
> Many thanks.
> Best regards,
> Constantine.

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