[Insight-users] Segmentation/colliding filters/FAst marching

Gaurav Sharda gaurav.sharda.uiowa at gmail.com
Mon Feb 15 22:03:35 EST 2010


Hey one quick doubt. When we apply the colliding filter with one seed point
in the aneurysm and one in the vessel then a line between the two will be
After that if we apply the quick marching segmentation to detect the
inflated region of the aneurysm, then which seed points have to be selected?
and would there be any overlapping between the two methods used?

Also, in the colliding filter if we give one end point on one end of the
artery and the other at  the other end of the artery then wont it go over
through the inflated portion of the image as well because it is of the same
intensity as the beginning point of the artery? Or will it sketch a straight
line between the two seed points?

Ans also if possible a quick short summary about the level marching
segmentation method as it looked a little confusing in the application. If
you could explain it in context with the cerebral aneurysm that would be
thoroughly appreciated.


Reallly thank you,


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