[Insight-users] ICP + Landmark

Dawood Masslawi masslawi at gmail.com
Wed Apr 6 04:53:18 EDT 2011

How did you implement the landmark registration and the ICP (what components used)?
Can you provide us with a code sample?


Hi all

I am trying to do registration by combination of  landmark and ICP.

I have four point set.

lmCTPointset: ct points for landmark
lmWorldPointset: world points for landmark

IcpCTPointset: ct points for ICP
IcpWorldPointset: world points for ICP

1. Do landmark registration for lmCTPointset and lmWorldPointset. The result
matrix of landmark is called landmarkMatrix.
2. IcpCTPointset is transformed to IcpInitialWorldPointset by landmarkMatrix
3. Do ICP registration for IcpInitialWorldPointset and IcpWorldPointset.

The problem I met is, usually, even the landmark result is almost a perfect
result, after do ICP, the ICP resultant matrix is even worse than landmark

I think the ICP result should, at least, not worse than landmark result.


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