[Insight-users] developing a customized level-set filter

Vimal Singh vimal at mail.utexas.edu
Wed Apr 27 15:24:46 EDT 2011

Hi all,

I'm currently developing my own level-set image filter, and since I'm a
novice to developing filters in ITK I thought of writing for help.

 My filter is quite similar to the GeodesicActiveContourImageFilter, except
that the propagation term needs to modified. i.e., all three terms P(x),
Z(x) and A(x), will be different and need to be calculated from a feature
 I believe in GeodesicActiveContourFilter the P(x)==Z(X) ?

My thought is that the Class "SegmentationLevelSetFunction" would not allow
me do so ? as it only provides functions for calculating a speed image
(CalcualteSpeedImage, which I believe is the P(x) ) and an advection image
(CalculateAdvectionImage, this is the A(x) ).

If, I'm correct ? does that mean I would have to write another class similar
to "SegmentationLevelSetFunction" with added member functions ?

or is there is any other escape from this implementation, that I'm unware

apologies, if this is the wrong place for this kinda Question.

-- Vimal
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