[Insight-users] ITK 4.2+ and VXL 1.17

Mario Ceresa mrceresa at gmail.com
Fri Jan 25 20:32:19 EST 2013

Hello everybody!
I'm the maintainer of ITK, VXL and dependent software on Fedora.

After upgrading VXL to version 1.17 I found myself endlessly patching
all vnl_math_ calls with vnl_math::


I'd rather not to maintain all those separate changes, do you think it
is possible/reasonable to upgrade bundled vxl to 1.17?

My plan would be:
* Upgrade the internal reduced version of vxl
* Fix all build errors (I already have all the patches)
* Fix all failing tests, if any (I'm unsure because I still have to
patch all the build errors of the tests)
* Send a pull request with all the changes

Maybe someone could comment on it?

Thanks and regards,


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