ITK  6.0.0
Insight Toolkit
Module ITKPath
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class  itk::ChainCodePath< VDimension >
class  itk::ChainCodePath2D
class  itk::ChainCodeToFourierSeriesPathFilter< TInputChainCodePath, TOutputFourierSeriesPath >
class  itk::ContourExtractor2DImageFilter< TInputImage >
class  itk::ExtractOrthogonalSwath2DImageFilter< TImage >
class  itk::FourierSeriesPath< VDimension >
class  itk::HilbertPath< TIndexValue, VDimension >
class  itk::ImageAndPathToImageFilter< TInputImage, TInputPath, TOutputImage >
class  itk::ImageToPathFilter< TInputImage, TOutputPath >
class  itk::OrthogonallyCorrected2DParametricPath
class  itk::OrthogonalSwath2DPathFilter< TFourierSeriesPath, TSwathMeritImage >
class  itk::ParametricPath< VDimension >
class  itk::Path< TInput, TOutput, VDimension >
class  itk::PathAndImageToPathFilter< TInputPath, TInputImage, TOutputPath >
class  itk::PathConstIterator< TImage, TPath >
class  itk::PathIterator< TImage, TPath >
class  itk::PathSource< TOutputPath >
class  itk::PathToChainCodePathFilter< TInputPath, TOutputChainCodePath >
class  itk::PathToImageFilter< TInputPath, TOutputImage >
class  itk::PathToPathFilter< TInputPath, TOutputPath >
class  itk::PolyLineParametricPath< VDimension >

Detailed Description

The classes in this module are intended to describe the concept of a linear path in N-Dimensional space. They can be used to represent contours in 2D images, or curves in 3D space. These classes also include the concept of iterators, polylines, and smooth approximations to paths.