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itkMetaProgrammingLibrary.h File Reference
#include "itkMacro.h"
#include "itkSmartPointer.h"
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struct  itk::And< TF1, TF2 >
struct  itk::AndC< VF1, VF2 >
struct  itk::IsSmartPointer< T >
struct  itk::Not< TF >
struct  itk::NotC< VF >
struct  itk::Or< TF1, TF2, TF3 >
struct  itk::OrC< VF1, VF2, VF3 >
struct  itk::Xor< TF1, TF2 >
struct  itk::XorC< VF1, VF2 >




template<typename TFromType , typename TToType >
using itk::is_static_castable = std::integral_constant< bool, std::is_constructible_v< TToType, TFromType >||std::is_convertible_v< TFromType, TToType > >