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itkSiemensVisionImageIO.h File Reference
#include "ITKIOSiemensExport.h"
#include "itkIPLCommonImageIO.h"
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class  itk::SiemensVisionImageIO



Detailed Description

This file was written as a modification to the itkMetaImageIO as a new method for reading in files from the GE4 scanner.

    Much of the code for this file reader/writer was taken from
    the University of Iowa Imaging Group library with the
    permission of the authors, Milan Sonka, Joseph Reinhardt,
    Ryan Long, Hans Johnson, Gary Christensen, and others.
    The specification for this file format is taken from the
    web site
Kent Williams The University of Iowa 2003

Definition in file itkSiemensVisionImageIO.h.