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itk::fem::FEMException Class Reference

#include <itkFEMException.h>

Inheritance diagram for itk::fem::FEMException:

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Detailed Description

Base class for all exception's that can occur within FEM classes.

Definition at line 38 of file itkFEMException.h.

Public Member Functions

 FEMException (const char *file, unsigned int lineNumber, std::string location="Unknown")
virtual const char * GetNameOfClass () const
virtual ~FEMException () throw ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

itk::fem::FEMException::FEMException ( const char *  file,
unsigned int  lineNumber,
std::string  location = "Unknown" 

Constructor. Must provide a string, that specifies name of the file where the exception occured and an integer for the line number. An optional argument specifies the location (usually the name of the class and member function). Normally you should use __FILE__ and __LINE__ macros to specify file name and line number.

virtual itk::fem::FEMException::~FEMException (  )  throw () [inline, virtual]

Virtual destructor needed for subclasses. Has to have empty throw().

Definition at line 53 of file itkFEMException.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual const char* itk::fem::FEMException::GetNameOfClass (  )  const [virtual]

Type related information.

Reimplemented in itk::fem::FEMExceptionIO, itk::fem::FEMExceptionWrongClass, itk::fem::FEMExceptionObjectNotFound, itk::fem::FEMExceptionSolution, itk::fem::FEMExceptionItpackSparseMatrixSbagn, itk::fem::FEMExceptionItpackSparseMatrixSbsij, itk::fem::FEMExceptionLinearSystem, itk::fem::FEMExceptionLinearSystemBounds, and itk::fem::FEMExceptionItpackSolver.

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