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itk::fem::ImageMetricLoadImplementation< TLoadClass > Class Template Reference

#include <itkFEMImageMetricLoadImplementation.h>

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Detailed Description

template<class TLoadClass>
class itk::fem::ImageMetricLoadImplementation< TLoadClass >

This is an example of how to define the implementation of a templated Load class. Since the Load class is templated, its implementation must also be templated. Due to limitations of MS compiler, we define this implementation function as a static function inside a templated class.

To make things easier to use, we template the class over the whole templated load class and not only over the template parameters required to define the templated Load class.

You must manually instantiate this class to register the load implementation function with the VisitorDispatcher. The instantiation is normally done like: typedef LoadTest<...> MyLoadTestClass; template class LoadTestImplementationBar2D<MyLoadTestClass>;

Definition at line 54 of file itkFEMImageMetricLoadImplementation.h.

Static Public Member Functions

template<class TElementClassConstPointer>
static void ImplementImageMetricLoad (TElementClassConstPointer element, Element::LoadPointer load, Element::VectorType &Fe)

Member Function Documentation

template<class TLoadClass>
template<class TElementClassConstPointer>
static void itk::fem::ImageMetricLoadImplementation< TLoadClass >::ImplementImageMetricLoad ( TElementClassConstPointer  element,
Element::LoadPointer  load,
Element::VectorType Fe 
) [inline, static]

Definition at line 59 of file itkFEMImageMetricLoadImplementation.h.

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