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itkZeroFluxNeumannBoundaryCondition.h File Reference

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namespace  itk


class  itk::ZeroFluxNeumannBoundaryCondition< TImage >
 A function object that determines a neighborhood of values at an image boundary according to a Neumann boundary condition where first, upwind derivatives on the boundary are zero. This is a useful condition in solving some classes of differential equations. More...


#define ITK_TEMPLATE_ZeroFluxNeumannBoundaryCondition(_, EXPORT, x, y)

Define Documentation

#define ITK_TEMPLATE_ZeroFluxNeumannBoundaryCondition ( _,


namespace itk { \
  _(1(class EXPORT ZeroFluxNeumannBoundaryCondition< ITK_TEMPLATE_1 x >)) \
  namespace Templates { typedef ZeroFluxNeumannBoundaryCondition< ITK_TEMPLATE_1 x > \
                                                  ZeroFluxNeumannBoundaryCondition##y; } \

Definition at line 101 of file itkZeroFluxNeumannBoundaryCondition.h.

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