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itkCellInterface.h File Reference

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class  itk::CellInterface< TPixelType, TCellTraits >
class  itk::CellTraitsInfo< VPointDimension, TCoordRep, TInterpolationWeight, TPointIdentifier, TCellIdentifier, TCellFeatureIdentifier, TPoint, TPointsContainer, TUsingCellsContainer >
 A simple utility class to define the cell type inside a mesh type structure definition. This just makes a copy of existing type information that is needed for a cell type template parameter. More...
class  itk::CellInterface< TPixelType, TCellTraits >::MultiVisitor
 A visitor that can visit different cell types in a mesh. CellInterfaceVisitor instances can be registered for each type of cell that needs to be visited. More...


namespace  itk


#define itkCellCommonTypedefs(celltype)
#define itkCellInheritedTypedefs(superclassArg)
#define itkCellVisitMacro(TopologyId)
#define itkMakeCellTraitsMacro

Define Documentation

#define itkCellCommonTypedefs (   celltype  ) 
typedef celltype                  Self;   \
  typedef AutoPointer<const Self>   ConstSelfAutoPointer;  \
  typedef AutoPointer<Self>         SelfAutoPointer;   \
  typedef Self *                    RawPointer;        \
  typedef const Self *              ConstRawPointer

Definition at line 49 of file itkCellInterface.h.

#define itkCellInheritedTypedefs (   superclassArg  ) 
typedef superclassArg                                Superclass; \
  typedef typename Superclass::PixelType               PixelType;  \
  typedef typename Superclass::CellType                CellType;  \
  typedef typename Superclass::CellAutoPointer         CellAutoPointer;  \
  typedef typename Superclass::CellConstAutoPointer    CellConstAutoPointer;  \
  typedef typename Superclass::CellRawPointer          CellRawPointer;  \
  typedef typename Superclass::CellConstRawPointer     CellConstRawPointer;  \
  typedef typename Superclass::CellTraits              CellTraits;  \
  typedef typename Superclass::CoordRepType            CoordRepType;  \
  typedef typename Superclass::InterpolationWeightType \
                                                     InterpolationWeightType; \
  typedef typename Superclass::PointIdentifier         PointIdentifier; \
  typedef typename Superclass::PointIdIterator         PointIdIterator; \
  typedef typename Superclass::PointIdConstIterator    PointIdConstIterator; \
  typedef typename Superclass::CellIdentifier          CellIdentifier; \
  typedef typename Superclass::CellFeatureIdentifier   CellFeatureIdentifier; \
  typedef typename Superclass::CellFeatureIdentifier   CellFeatureCount; \
  typedef typename Superclass::PointType               PointType; \
  typedef typename Superclass::VectorType              VectorType; \
  typedef typename Superclass::PointsContainer         PointsContainer; \
  typedef typename Superclass::UsingCellsContainer     UsingCellsContainer; \
  typedef typename Superclass::CellGeometry            CellGeometry;  \
  typedef typename Superclass::ParametricCoordArrayType  \
                                                  ParametricCoordArrayType;  \
  typedef typename Superclass::ShapeFunctionsArrayType   \
                                                   ShapeFunctionsArrayType;  \
  itkStaticConstMacro(PointDimension, unsigned int, Superclass::PointDimension)

Definition at line 61 of file itkCellInterface.h.

#define itkCellVisitMacro (   TopologyId  ) 
static int GetTopologyId() {return TopologyId;}\
virtual void Accept(unsigned long cellid, typename CellInterface<PixelType,\
                                               CellTraits>::MultiVisitor* mv)\
  typename CellInterfaceVisitor<PixelType, CellTraits>::Pointer v = \
    v->VisitFromCell(cellid, this);\

Definition at line 31 of file itkCellInterface.h.

#define itkMakeCellTraitsMacro
CellTraitsInfo<itkGetStaticConstMacro(PointDimension), CoordRepType, \
               InterpolationWeightType,  \
               PointIdentifier, CellIdentifier, CellFeatureIdentifier, \
               PointType, PointsContainer, UsingCellsContainer>

Definition at line 487 of file itkCellInterface.h.

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