ITK  4.13.0
Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit
AnnulusOperator Class Reference

#include <itkAnnulusOperator.h>

Detailed Description

A NeighborhoodOperator for performing a matched filtering with an annulus (two concentric circles, spheres, hyperspheres, etc.)

AnnulusOperator defines a non-directional NeighborhoodOperator representing two concentric circles, spheres, hyperspheres, etc. The inner radius and the thickness of the annulus can be specified.

The values for the annulus can be specified in a variety of manners:

1) The values for the interior of the annulus (interior of inner circle), the values for annulus (the region between the inner and outer circle), and the values for the exterior of the annulus can be specified. This mode is useful in correlation based matched filter applications. For instance, defining a hollow (or even filled) circle.

2) The values can defined automatically for normalized correlation. The values in the kernel will be defined to have mean zero and norm 1. The area outside the annulus will have values of zero. In this mode, you can also specify whether you want the center of the annulus to be bright (intensity > 0) or dark (intensity < 0).

1) Set the annulus parameters: InnerRadius and Thickness 2) Set the intensities to use for interior, wall, and exterior kernel positions for correlation based operations or call NormalizeOn() to define kernel values automatically for use in normalized correlation. 3) If NormalizedOn(), indicate whether you want the center of the annulus to be bright or dark. 4) call CreateOperator()

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