ITK  4.13.0
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itk::SimpleFastMutexLock Class Reference

#include <itkSimpleFastMutexLock.h>

Detailed Description

Critical section locking class that can be allocated on the stack.

SimpleFastMutexLock is used by FastMutexLock to perform mutex locking. SimpleFastMutexLock is not a subclass of Object and is designed to be allocated on the stack.

Definition at line 49 of file itkSimpleFastMutexLock.h.

Public Types

typedef SimpleFastMutexLock Self

Public Member Functions

void Lock () const
bool TryLock () const
void Unlock () const
 SimpleFastMutexLock ()
 ~SimpleFastMutexLock ()

Protected Attributes

FastMutexType m_FastMutexLock

Member Typedef Documentation

Standard class typedefs.

Definition at line 53 of file itkSimpleFastMutexLock.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

itk::SimpleFastMutexLock::SimpleFastMutexLock ( )

Constructor and destructor left public purposely because of stack allocation.

itk::SimpleFastMutexLock::~SimpleFastMutexLock ( )

Constructor and destructor left public purposely because of stack allocation.

Member Function Documentation

void itk::SimpleFastMutexLock::Lock ( ) const

Lock access.

Referenced by itk::FastMutexLock::Lock().

bool itk::SimpleFastMutexLock::TryLock ( ) const

Non-blocking Lock access.

bool - true if lock is captured, false if it was already heald by someone else.

Referenced by itk::FastMutexLock::TryLock().

void itk::SimpleFastMutexLock::Unlock ( ) const

Unlock access.

Referenced by itk::FastMutexLock::Unlock().

Member Data Documentation

FastMutexType itk::SimpleFastMutexLock::m_FastMutexLock

Definition at line 73 of file itkSimpleFastMutexLock.h.

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