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itk::bio::Gene Class Reference

#include <itkBioGene.h>

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Detailed Description

This class implements the abstraction of a biological gene.

The gene has a name and a specification of promoter and represor binding sites. Promoters and represors encode a boolean expression that controls the expression of the gene. These boolean expressions will result in a polynome in a finite different equation determining the rate at which protein is syntethizied by this gene.

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struct  ControlDomainType

Public Types

typedef double AffinityType
typedef std::string DomainType
typedef std::vector
< ControlDomainType
typedef std::string NameType
typedef std::map< DomainType,

Public Member Functions

void AddGeneControlDomain (const DomainType &domain, bool type)
void AddProteinDomain (const DomainType &domain, AffinityType affinity)
void Copy (const Gene &genome)
 Gene ()
const char * GetName () const
void SetName (const NameType &name)
void SetName (const char *name)
virtual ~Gene ()

Private Attributes

GeneControlDomainsType m_ControlDomains
NameType m_Name
ProteinDomainsType m_ProteinDomains

Member Typedef Documentation

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typedef std::string itk::bio::Gene::DomainType

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Definition at line 56 of file itkBioGene.h.

typedef std::string itk::bio::Gene::NameType

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Definition at line 49 of file itkBioGene.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

itk::bio::Gene::Gene ( )
virtual itk::bio::Gene::~Gene ( )

Member Function Documentation

void itk::bio::Gene::AddGeneControlDomain ( const DomainType domain,
bool  type 

Add a control domain to the gene. A control domain is an enhancer or silencer. A gene can have any number of them. The type will indicate if they are enhancers or silencers.

void itk::bio::Gene::AddProteinDomain ( const DomainType domain,
AffinityType  affinity 

Add a protein domain along with an affinity. The name of the domain here actually refers to the one for which this protein will have binding affinity. For example, adding "SH2" with affinity 0.05 will mean that this gene will synthetize a proteing with a domain that has 0.05 affinity for a standard SH2 domain.

void itk::bio::Gene::Copy ( const Gene genome)
const char* itk::bio::Gene::GetName ( ) const
void itk::bio::Gene::SetName ( const NameType name)

Set/Get the name of the gene. This uses a std::string type.

void itk::bio::Gene::SetName ( const char *  name)

Member Data Documentation

GeneControlDomainsType itk::bio::Gene::m_ControlDomains

Definition at line 85 of file itkBioGene.h.

NameType itk::bio::Gene::m_Name

Definition at line 84 of file itkBioGene.h.

ProteinDomainsType itk::bio::Gene::m_ProteinDomains

Definition at line 86 of file itkBioGene.h.

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