ITK  4.13.0
Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit
Module ITKIOImageBase
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class  itk::ArchetypeSeriesFileNames
class  itk::ConvertPixelBuffer< InputPixelType, OutputPixelType, OutputConvertTraits >
class  itk::ImageFileReader< TOutputImage, ConvertPixelTraits >
class  itk::ImageFileWriter< TInputImage >
class  itk::ImageFileWriterException
class  itk::ImageIOBase
class  itk::ImageIOFactory
class  itk::ImageSeriesWriter< TInputImage, TOutputImage >
class  itk::ImageSeriesWriterException
class  itk::IOCommon
class  itk::NumericSeriesFileNames
class  itk::RegularExpressionSeriesFileNames
class  itk::StreamingImageIOBase
class  itk::ImageIOBase::UnknownType

Detailed Description

This module contains base classes for IO, helper classes for IO, and classes that function as an ImageSource in an ITK pipeline. Classes for specific file formats, found in other modules in the IO group, should inherit from ImageIOBase or StreamingImageIOBase. For an image source or sink in the ITK pipeline that handles all available file formats, see ImageFileReader, ImageFileWriter, ImageSeriesReader, or ImageSeriesWriter. Convenience classes for reading series of files include ArchetypeSeriesFileNames, NumericSeriesFileNames, and RegularExpressionSeriesFileNames.