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itkMathDetail.h File Reference
#include "itkIntTypes.h"
#include "itkNumericTraits.h"
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union  itk::Math::Detail::FloatIEEE< T >
struct  itk::Math::Detail::FloatIEEETraits< T >
struct  itk::Math::Detail::FloatIEEETraits< double >
struct  itk::Math::Detail::FloatIEEETraits< float >
struct  itk::Concept::FloatOrDouble< T >
struct  itk::Concept::FloatOrDouble< double >
struct  itk::Concept::FloatOrDouble< float >




#define GCC_USE_ASM_32IMPL   0
#define GCC_USE_ASM_64IMPL   0
#define USE_SSE2_32IMPL   0
#define USE_SSE2_64IMPL   0
#define VC_USE_ASM_32IMPL   0
#define VC_USE_ASM_64IMPL   0


int32_t itk::Math::Detail::Ceil_32 (double x)
int32_t itk::Math::Detail::Ceil_32 (float x)
int64_t itk::Math::Detail::Ceil_64 (double x)
int64_t itk::Math::Detail::Ceil_64 (float x)
template<typename TReturn , typename TInput >
TReturn itk::Math::Detail::Ceil_base (TInput x)
int32_t itk::Math::Detail::Floor_32 (double x)
int32_t itk::Math::Detail::Floor_32 (float x)
int64_t itk::Math::Detail::Floor_64 (double x)
int64_t itk::Math::Detail::Floor_64 (float x)
template<typename TReturn , typename TInput >
TReturn itk::Math::Detail::Floor_base (TInput x)
CLANG_PRAGMA_POP int32_t itk::Math::Detail::RoundHalfIntegerToEven_32 (double x)
int32_t itk::Math::Detail::RoundHalfIntegerToEven_32 (float x)
int64_t itk::Math::Detail::RoundHalfIntegerToEven_64 (double x)
int64_t itk::Math::Detail::RoundHalfIntegerToEven_64 (float x)
template<typename TReturn , typename TInput >
itk::Math::Detail::RoundHalfIntegerToEven_base (TInput x)
int32_t itk::Math::Detail::RoundHalfIntegerUp_32 (double x)
int32_t itk::Math::Detail::RoundHalfIntegerUp_32 (float x)
int64_t itk::Math::Detail::RoundHalfIntegerUp_64 (double x)
int64_t itk::Math::Detail::RoundHalfIntegerUp_64 (float x)
template<typename TReturn , typename TInput >
TReturn itk::Math::Detail::RoundHalfIntegerUp_base (TInput x)

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#define GCC_USE_ASM_32IMPL   0

Definition at line 94 of file itkMathDetail.h.

#define GCC_USE_ASM_64IMPL   0

Definition at line 95 of file itkMathDetail.h.

#define USE_SSE2_32IMPL   0

Definition at line 47 of file itkMathDetail.h.

#define USE_SSE2_64IMPL   0

Definition at line 46 of file itkMathDetail.h.

#define VC_USE_ASM_32IMPL   0

Definition at line 102 of file itkMathDetail.h.

#define VC_USE_ASM_64IMPL   0

Definition at line 103 of file itkMathDetail.h.