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itk::And< TF1, TF2 > Struct Template Reference

#include <itkMetaProgrammingLibrary.h>

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Detailed Description

template<typename TF1, typename TF2>
struct itk::And< TF1, TF2 >

MPL AND operator on types.

Template Parameters
TF1First boolean type
TF2Second boolean type

This overload automatically fetches TF1 and TF2 values. However, beware, it won't work with standard C++ traits or boost traits. Indeed, this overload expects the value to follow UpperCamelCase ITK naming policy instead of the standard snake_case policy.

Definition at line 122 of file itkMetaProgrammingLibrary.h.

Public Types

typedef AndC< TF1::Value,
TF2::Value >::Type 

Member Typedef Documentation

template<typename TF1 , typename TF2 >
typedef AndC<TF1::Value, TF2::Value>::Type itk::And< TF1, TF2 >::Type

Definition at line 123 of file itkMetaProgrammingLibrary.h.

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