ITK  4.13.0
Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit
itk::EnableIf< TCondition, TType > Struct Template Reference

#include <itkEnableIf.h>

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Detailed Description

template<class TCondition, class TType = void>
struct itk::EnableIf< TCondition, TType >

simplified way to dispose of enable_if.

Template Parameters
TConditionCondition type. It's expected to provide a boolean value through its Value member.
TTypeType to return when the TCondition is (a) true (type).

This overload automatically fetches TCondition value. However, beware, it won't work with standard C++ traits or boost traits. Indeed, this enable_if overload expects the value to follow UpperCamelCase ITK naming policy instead of the standard snake_case policy.


* template< typename TType>
* typename EnableIf<
* IsSame<TType, typename NumericTraits<TType>::ValueType>,
* TType >::Type
* GetComponent(const TType pix,
* unsigned int itkNotUsed( idx ) ) const
* {
* return pix;
* }
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