ITK  4.4.0
Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit
MeshFunctionBase Class Reference

#include <itkQuadEdgeMeshFunctionBase.h>

Detailed Description

Base class for mesh function object modifiers.

MeshFunctionBase is the base class for itkQE function objects specialised in Mesh "small" (reduced in range) modification. Subclasses of itk::FunctionBase cannot modify their InputType since the signature of their Evaluate( const InputType& ) method guarantees it. Consider a method that modifies (the geometry, the connectivity or both) a mesh. For large modifications of this mesh we follow the classical itk Filter schema, which implies duplicating the mesh which can be space consuming. But for small modifications (think of the Euler operators) that an algorithm needs to apply many times, this systematic duplication can be daunting. MeshFunctionBase thus offers a leightweight alternative to itk Filter. Subclasses of MeshFunctionBase, which should override Evaluate(), are function objects that apply reduced and localised modifications (geometry, or connectivity) on the InputType mesh.

This class is template over the mesh type (to be modified) and the output (usually a created/deleted vertex or face) type.

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