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itk::CompositeTransformIOHelper Class Reference

#include <itkCompositeTransformIOHelper.h>

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Detailed Description

An adapter that adapts CompositeTransform into the TransformReader/Writer.

The stumbling block with fitting CompositeTransforms into the Transform hierarchy is that it encapsulates a list of itk::Transform, templated to match the dimension and scalar type of the CompositeTransform itself. But the Transform Reader/Writer uses instances of the superclass itk::TransformBase which is not templated.

This class handles this by hiding the conversion between a list of TransformBase and the queue of Transform. It handles the conversion in a cascade of template function invocations to match up the transform list with the particular instantiation of CompositeTransform.

Definition at line 44 of file itkCompositeTransformIOHelper.h.

Public Types


Public Member Functions

ConstTransformListTypeGetTransformList (const TransformType *transform)
void SetTransformList (TransformType *transform, TransformListType &transformList)

Private Member Functions

template<typename TScalar , unsigned TDim>
int BuildTransformList (const TransformType *transform)
template<typename TScalar , unsigned TDim>
int InternalSetTransformList (TransformType *transform, TransformListType &transformList)

Private Attributes

ConstTransformListType m_TransformList

Member Typedef Documentation

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Member Function Documentation

template<typename TScalar , unsigned TDim>
int itk::CompositeTransformIOHelper::BuildTransformList ( const TransformType transform)

Builds a list of TransformBase from the CompositeTransform's queue. A cascade of calls with different template parameters selects the correct concrete type for CompositeTransform.

ConstTransformListType& itk::CompositeTransformIOHelper::GetTransformList ( const TransformType transform)

from a composite transform, recover a TransformIOBase::ConstTransformList. This will re-build the list each time it is called, so it is best to call it once per CompositeTransform and access it through the ConstTransformListType reference, as any subsequent calls will rebuild the list and possibly invalidate any iterators on the list.

template<typename TScalar , unsigned TDim>
int itk::CompositeTransformIOHelper::InternalSetTransformList ( TransformType transform,
TransformListType transformList 

Sets a CompositeTransform's TransformQueue from the TransformIO's list of TransformBase. Will throw an exception if the scalar type or dimension of the transform being added doesn't match that of the concrete CompositeTransform's type.

void itk::CompositeTransformIOHelper::SetTransformList ( TransformType transform,
TransformListType transformList 

set a compositeTransform's transform list from a TransformIOABase::TransformList. If there is any mismatch between a transform being added to composite and the composite, this will throw an exception

Member Data Documentation

ConstTransformListType itk::CompositeTransformIOHelper::m_TransformList

Definition at line 71 of file itkCompositeTransformIOHelper.h.

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