ITK  4.4.0
Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit
itk::FastMarchingTraits< TInput, TOutput > Class Template Reference

#include <itkFastMarchingTraits.h>

Detailed Description

template<class TInput, class TOutput>
class itk::FastMarchingTraits< TInput, TOutput >

Base class traits to be used by the FastMarchingBase.

Template Parameters
TInputDomainInput Domain type (e.g. itk::Image or itk::QuadEdgeMesh)
TNodeNode type where the front propagates
TOutputDomainOutput Domain type (similar to TInputDomain)
TSuperclassSuperclass. When dealing with itk::Image, the Superclass will be itk::ImageToImageFilter; and itk::QuadEdgeMeshToQuadEdgeMeshFilter when dealing with itk::QuadEdgeMesh

Definition at line 113 of file itkFastMarchingTraits.h.

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