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itk::PixelAccessor< TInternalType, TExternalType > Class Template Reference

#include <itkPixelAccessor.h>

Detailed Description

template<class TInternalType, class TExternalType>
class itk::PixelAccessor< TInternalType, TExternalType >

Give access to partial aspects of a type.

PixelAccessor is templated over an internal type and an external type representation. This class encapsulates a customized conversion between the internal and external type representations.

PixelAccessor is designed to be used in conjuntion with ImageAdaptors. An ImageAdaptor take an image and present it as another image in which the pixels are a pixel-to-pixel modification of the original image.

ImageAdaptors are intended to perform task similar to ImageFilters, but reducing the overhead in memory allocation, at the price of some reduction in performance.

ImageAdaptors are templated over a PixelAccessor class that will define what kind of transformation is applied to the pixel data. Typical uses of PixelAccessor include basic type casting, (e.g. make a float image looks like a unsigned int image).

Every Image has a default PixelAccessor that performs an identity operation. ImageIterators use the PixelAccessor defined by the image in order to get and set the values of pixels.

Definition at line 54 of file itkPixelAccessor.h.

Public Types

typedef TExternalType ExternalType
typedef TInternalType InternalType

Public Member Functions

TExternalType Get (const TInternalType &input) const
void Set (TInternalType &output, const TExternalType &input) const

Member Typedef Documentation

template<class TInternalType , class TExternalType >
typedef TExternalType itk::PixelAccessor< TInternalType, TExternalType >::ExternalType

External typedef. It defines the external aspect that this class will exhibit.

Definition at line 59 of file itkPixelAccessor.h.

template<class TInternalType , class TExternalType >
typedef TInternalType itk::PixelAccessor< TInternalType, TExternalType >::InternalType

Internal typedef. It defines the internal real representation of data.

Definition at line 63 of file itkPixelAccessor.h.

Member Function Documentation

template<class TInternalType , class TExternalType >
TExternalType itk::PixelAccessor< TInternalType, TExternalType >::Get ( const TInternalType &  input) const

Definition at line 68 of file itkPixelAccessor.h.

template<class TInternalType , class TExternalType >
void itk::PixelAccessor< TInternalType, TExternalType >::Set ( TInternalType &  output,
const TExternalType &  input 
) const

Definition at line 65 of file itkPixelAccessor.h.

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