ITK  4.8.0
Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit
Group Core
+ Collaboration diagram for Group Core:


 Module ITKCommon
 Module ITKFiniteDifference
 Module ITKGPUFiniteDifference
 Module ITKImageFunction
 Module ITKMesh
 Module ITKImageAdaptors
 Module ITKTestKernel
 Module ITKGPUCommon
 Module ITKTransform
 Module ITKQuadEdgeMesh
 Module ITKSpatialObjects

Detailed Description

This group of modules contain the toolkit framework used by other modules. There are common base classes for data objects and process objects, basic data structures such as Image, Mesh, QuadEdgeMesh, and SpatialObjects, and common functionality for operations such as finite differences, image adaptors, or image transforms.