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itk::FloatingPointExceptions Class Reference

#include <itkFloatingPointExceptions.h>

Detailed Description

Definition at line 35 of file itkFloatingPointExceptions.h.

Public Types

using ExceptionAction = enum{ABORT, EXIT}

Static Public Member Functions

static void Disable ()
static void Enable ()
static bool GetEnabled ()
static ExceptionAction GetExceptionAction ()
static bool HasFloatingPointExceptionsSupport ()
static void SetEnabled (bool val)
static void SetExceptionAction (ExceptionAction a)

Private Member Functions

 FloatingPointExceptions ()=default
 FloatingPointExceptions (const FloatingPointExceptions &)=delete
 itkGetGlobalDeclarationMacro (ExceptionGlobals, PimplGlobals)
void operator= (const FloatingPointExceptions &)=delete

Static Private Attributes

static ExceptionGlobals * m_PimplGlobals

Member Typedef Documentation

using itk::FloatingPointExceptions::ExceptionAction = enum { ABORT, EXIT }

defines what should happen when exceptions occur

Definition at line 39 of file itkFloatingPointExceptions.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

itk::FloatingPointExceptions::FloatingPointExceptions ( )
itk::FloatingPointExceptions::FloatingPointExceptions ( const FloatingPointExceptions )

Member Function Documentation

static void itk::FloatingPointExceptions::Disable ( )

Disable floating point exceptions.

See Also
Enable, SetEnabled, GetEnabled
static void itk::FloatingPointExceptions::Enable ( )

Enable floating point exceptions.

If floating point exceptions are not supported on the platform, the program will either abort or exit displaying the error message FloatingPointExceptions are not supported on this platform..

Choice between Exit or Abort is based on the value returned by based GetExceptionAction().

See Also
Disable, SetEnabled, GetEnabled
static bool itk::FloatingPointExceptions::GetEnabled ( )

Return the current state of FP Exceptions

static ExceptionAction itk::FloatingPointExceptions::GetExceptionAction ( )

Access current ExceptionAction

static bool itk::FloatingPointExceptions::HasFloatingPointExceptionsSupport ( )

Return if floating point exceptions are supported on this platform

itk::FloatingPointExceptions::itkGetGlobalDeclarationMacro ( ExceptionGlobals  ,
void itk::FloatingPointExceptions::operator= ( const FloatingPointExceptions )
static void itk::FloatingPointExceptions::SetEnabled ( bool  val)

Set the state to specified value.

See Also
Enable, Disable, GetEnabled
static void itk::FloatingPointExceptions::SetExceptionAction ( ExceptionAction  a)

Control whether exit(255) or abort() is called on an exception

Member Data Documentation

ExceptionGlobals* itk::FloatingPointExceptions::m_PimplGlobals

static member that controls what happens during an exception

Definition at line 85 of file itkFloatingPointExceptions.h.

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