ITK  5.0.0
Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit
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itk::MultiThreaderBase::WorkUnitInfo Struct Reference

#include <itkMultiThreaderBase.h>

Detailed Description

This is the structure that is passed to the thread that is created from the SingleMethodExecute. It is passed in as a void *, and it is up to the method to cast correctly and extract the information. The WorkUnitID is a number between 0 and NumberOfWorkUnits-1 that indicates the id of this work unit. The UserData is the (void *)arg passed into the SetSingleMethod.

Definition at line 216 of file itkMultiThreaderBase.h.

Public Types

enum  {

Public Attributes

ThreadIdType NumberOfWorkUnits
itk::MultiThreaderBase::WorkUnitInfo:: { ... }  
ThreadFunctionType ThreadFunction
void * UserData
ThreadIdType WorkUnitID

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum

Definition at line 222 of file itkMultiThreaderBase.h.

Member Data Documentation

ThreadIdType itk::MultiThreaderBase::WorkUnitInfo::NumberOfWorkUnits

Definition at line 219 of file itkMultiThreaderBase.h.

enum { ... } itk::MultiThreaderBase::WorkUnitInfo::ThreadExitCode
ThreadFunctionType itk::MultiThreaderBase::WorkUnitInfo::ThreadFunction

Definition at line 221 of file itkMultiThreaderBase.h.

void* itk::MultiThreaderBase::WorkUnitInfo::UserData

Definition at line 220 of file itkMultiThreaderBase.h.

ThreadIdType itk::MultiThreaderBase::WorkUnitInfo::WorkUnitID

Definition at line 218 of file itkMultiThreaderBase.h.

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