A2D2 VideoGrabber 07 2010

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  1. Purchased three frame grabbers, DFG/USB2-It doesn't seem to have any driver available for Mac and Linux, switch to EasyCap
    • VGA2USB
    • EasyCap DC60
    • DFG/USB2-It
  2. Setup a computer with both VGA and TV output as testing video source
  3. Tested frame grabbers on Windows and Mac
    • Both VGA2USB and EasyCap works on Windows and Mac (see Figure 1)
    • Need to test them on Linux
  4. Setup wiki page and gather design documents
  5. Researched related open source implementations
Figure 1. VGA2USB testing result on Windows 7, 32bit. Left, capture apps from Epiphan; Right, VLC capture using DirectShow