Agenda&Status 110306

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Project Management

  • ITK 3.0 Release for October 31
    • Schedule
    • In Process, Delayed
    • New target
      • Tagging on Monday November 6th
      • Cutting tarballs on November 8th

Technical Topics

  • Copyright Cleansing
    • dsrc2c.c file: Copyright owned by IMSL Inc. No license available
    • FEM Linear Solver Itpack depended on dsrc2c.c
    • FEM Sparse Itkpack matrix depended on dsrc2c.c
    • These files were removed from the toolkit.
    • We are left with the VNL linear solver, we need a new one suitable for sparse large matrices.
  • Inlining issues
  • SGI fixed:
    • ResampleImageFilter Overused dynamic_casting: non-scalable method
    • Transforms now have an IsLinear() method to be used instead
    • The method is defined in two transform: itkTransform and itkKernelTransform.
  • SpatialOrientationAdapter is not templated anymore.
    • Link problems. In general from methods that have switch statements.