Agenda&Status 110907

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Project Management

  • Targeting for ITK 3.6 on January 2008
  • Moving the tcon to a teleconference platform
    • Skype
    • Google
    • Adobe
    • LiveMessenger
    • Webex
    • Suggestions ?
  • Open Source Workshop to be done as full virtual conference.

Technical Topics

  • Fixes for itkConvertPixelBuffer.txx
    • Patching ITK 3.4 (will wait to see the fix in the main CVS become stable next week).
  • VariableSizeMatrix
  • Nrrd tensor test crashing
    • Any ideas ?
  • Nrrd 64 bits problems
    • Gordon and Steve sent a fix, it has been committed
  • Oriented image tests
    • setup with different answers depending on whether ITK USE IMAGE DIRECTION is ON or OFF
  • Factory and override of derived classes
    • Bill fixed a long standing problem
    • It was not tested
  • GetPipelineMemoryPrint()
    • Request from the Orfeo Toolbox team at CNES