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Bender is a free, open source software for repositioning voxelized anatomical models. It applies the rigging, skinning and posing technique to volumes by providing an additional step to resample the volume:

  • Rigging: Specify the skeleton ("rig" or also "armature") that represents the linear sections and joints of the body, by which the body will be re-positioned.
  • Skinning: Associate the volume voxels associated with each section of the skeleton.
  • Posing: Animate the rigging by bending and rotating the joints to define the target repositioning of the body.
  • Resampling: Resample the bones, soft tissues, and skin of the voxelized model onto the repositioned rigging to create a new voxelized model.
Visibleman-2mm.png Visibleman-armature-rest-opaque.png Visibleman-2mm-skinned-armature.png Visibleman-armature-posed-opaque.png Visibleman-2mm-posed-armature.png
3D labelmap Rigging Skinning PosingfMidas Repositioning



2014/10/16 Publication at ISBMS: Bender, An Open Source Software for Efficient Model Posing and Morphing
2014/04/08 Bender 2.0 has been released! Download it on GitHub.
2014/04/07 Watch the Bender 2.0 tutorial and walk through the step-by-step tutorial.
2014/03/16 Bender 2.0 has entered release candidate stage. The final release is planned for April 2014.
2013/09/02 Watch the Bender 1.1 tutorial and walk through the new step-by-step tutorial.
2013/09/01 Bender 1.1 has been released! Download Bender on GitHub.
2013/04/05 2 new videos: Bender 1.0 preview and Bender 1.0 tutorial
2013/03/01 Bender 1.0 is out ! Download it now.
2012/12/20 The first beta version has just been released ! Download and try Bender 0.1 here


This effort is funded by the Air Force Research Laboratories.

Bender is based on the Slicer framework supported by NA-MIC and the Slicer community.