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Visit the main Git download site.


Git comes in two flavors on Windows:

  • A Windows native application installer
  • A Cygwin package

Choose one and stick with it. They do not get along well in a given work tree on disk (the repository formats are compatible but the "stat cache" of the work tree is not unless core.filemode is false).


Download the "Full installer for official Git" from here. You want to download the file that is named something like


If you notice that the filename has changed (because a new version was released or something similar), please update this wiki!

Run the installer. When prompted, choose to not modify the PATH and choose the core.autocrlf=true option. Launch the "Git Bash" tool to get a command line shell with Git.


Install packages:

  • git: Git command-line tool
  • gitk: Graphical history browser
  • git-completion: Bash shell completion rules

Launch a Cygwin command prompt to get a command line shell with Git.


Xcode 4

If you have Xcode 4 installed, you already have git installed.

Verify with:

$ which git
$ git --version
git version

OS X Installer

Download an installer from here.


Enter these commands:

$ sudo port selfupdate
$ sudo port install git-core +doc


Popular Linux distributions already come with packages for Git. Typically the packages are called:

  • git-core: Git command-line tool
  • git-doc: Git documentation
  • gitk: Graphical history browser